Yoga was developed in the year 300 by an Indian Hindu named Patanjali, and the word itself means union or yoke. The definition of yoga is the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. The purpose of Yoga is to strengthen your body, increase your concentration, stretch your muscles, relax, and most importantly, have an experience of higher consciousness. It is so effective that many celebrities and athletes today do it for the improvements to their bodies and mind and have a connection with spirit.

So, how much of Yoga have you seen? If you have ever seen anyone performing yoga, you will have noticed that a lot of the moves look almost impossible (just like Foundation repair!). The key to completing the complicated moves performed in yoga is to relax. When you relax your flexibility will increase, helping you to complete the positions and improve your flexibility further.

Depending on how far you want to go with Yoga, you may follow a set of strict guidelines that are meant to help you reach a higher level of consciousness. These guidelines include: not stealing, not lying, not hurting others, and avoiding greediness. Most people do Yoga to simply be happy with your life, be devoted to something, and practice self-control.

One huge thing in Yoga is self-control. You need to be able to pace yourself when doing the exercises. Never force yourself to do an exercise you probably cannot do. Ease yourself into each exercise and be patient. If you cannot do a specific exercise today, just keep improving a little each day and you will eventually be able to do it.
Yoga is very precious in what it accomplishes. Your overall health and calmness will improve through Yoga. Each exercise you do, every move you make, is targeted at certain muscles, nerve endings, and glands in your body. You will be doing exercises that will help combat the different pains in your body, one example being lower back pain.

While all the physical benefits are great, you will also develop overall better confidence in yourself, peace of mind, greater intuition and get spiritually centered. Yoga will fight depression and will remove many of the fears you currently face. It allows you to be at peace with yourself which is something that everyone needs.Yoga has reached a popular, mainstream audience throughout America in recent years. From celebrities and athletes to your average person, Yoga is taking over.

Yoga and Rules of Spirituality – A Perfect Combination :Little detail and what benefits they can offer you.
The Law of Pure Potentiality – Give yourself some time every day. This could be either in the form of meditation or by taking a long walk, allowing you to appreciate natural beauty. To move to the next step, you should join a yoga class in San Francisco. There you will be told about how you can combine the yoga practice with these laws. While on the yoga mat and moving through yoga postures, you will be asked to bring stillness in your mind, so that you can practice pure potentiality.

The Law of Giving – Try learning the benefits of unconditional giving. This need not be in monetary terms; you can simply speak a word two of motivation, offer a smile, or just compliment someone on the good work they have done. Giving is always followed by receiving, which you will learn on the yoga mat as you will give and receive breath.

The Law of Karma – Be very particular about what you do and the choices you make on a day-to-day basis. And contemplate the pros and cons of a decision before going ahead. Follow the same principle on the mat by contemplating the way a posture can be performed without causing discomfort.

The Law of Least Effort – Happily accept your present condition; believe that the moment you are in exactly how it was meant to be. Don’t blame others for your situation and start taking responsibility of everything you do and face in life. This is what you need to do on the yoga mat as well – accept your body in the condition it is now; though, you desire it to be different. Commit yourself for regular yoga practice, so that you can responsibly move towards achieving what you desire.

The Law of Intention and Desire – Figure out what you desire and make sure you revisit these things every time you sit for meditation or go to sleep. Don’t let your focus shift while doing your postures, and be aware of how you can utilize the present moment to achieve all that you desire.





Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art which literally means “ultimate supreme boxing”. This form of self-defense involves the use of fluid body movements to enhance balance and flexibility of the body. Tai Chi is generally practiced as a non-competitive art for its numerous health benefits.
What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a form of martial arts which focuses more on self-improvement of the body rather than combating the opponents. There are 5 types of Tai chi practiced in different parts of the world. The oldest form is the Chen-style which originated in 1580. The other forms include the Yang-style, Wu(Hao)-style, Wu-style, and sun-style. All these styles focus on different aspects of learning. Some of these forms focus on the health aspect while the others focus on competitive learning. It can be called as the amalgamation of yoga and meditation with martial arts.The main focus of this form remains on keeping the mind calm and tranquil. The graceful and soft motions of this form are derived from movements of birds and animals of nature.

History of Tai Chi:This form of martial arts evolved in the 12th century and the concept finds its roots in Chinese, Taoism, and Confucianism cultures. The founder of this martial art is believed to be Zhang Sanfeng, who was a Taoist Monk of the 12th century. He was of the belief that agility and fluidity of the body is the key to combat opponents. It is believed that he created this concept based on these two factors and this is the reason why Tai Chi is known all over the world for its softness and agile moves. Nowadays it is more common to see people practicing this art for their own health rather than any other motive.

Health benefits of Tai chi:There are many mental and physical benefits of this form of martial arts. Tai Chi produces a resonance in the body which unites the body with the mind. This sense of oneness brings many changes to the body which improve the health of the person. The many health benefits of Tai Chi include:
* It enhances the sense of flexibility,balance, and falls.* Tai Chi is believed to relieve stress and anxiety of the body.* It improves the immune system of the body.* It is scientifically proven that Tai Chi helps in improving the cognitive functions of the body which helps to improve the condition of patients with Dementia and other motor diseases.* Regular practice reduces inflammation in the body tissues.* Controls blood pressure and regulates heart rate.* Enhances energy levels
There are several other health benefits of Tai Chi which is being touted as the new sensation in the field of exercise. Many people are now practicing this art for self-defense and its numerous other benefits add to the advantage of practicing this fluid art. So now that you know all about this beautiful poetic form of martial arts, it is time to go and enroll in a Tai Chi class to make your body more agile and flexible while controlling stress at the same time.


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Why should you find literal balance?

The Fear of losing balance or falling due to lack of balance can be terrifying to anyone. It is estimated that approximately a third of the population especially that of age 65 and over are admitted to the hospital due to falls. As age increases, so do the cases of losing balance. Approximately 50% of elders who have undergone a hip surgery from falling, are likely to experience another slip within six months. It is imperative for everyone to keep fit and maintain their balance as this will help even as the age progresses.In this article, we look at how and why is it important to balance/center yourself.

One of the major reasons people fall is due to lack of strength and balance. Our bodies are meant to be balanced even as we move, and some of the people lack exercise routines, which results in loss of strength and balance. Learning and adhering to an exercise program designed particularly for strength and balance, like yoga, for our body muscles is essential in maintaining our fitness and avoiding losing balance and falling.

For most elders, balancing and strengthening exercises can be challenging. It is good to begin an exercise program with the help of a trained Fitness Specialist. This can be a major source of balancing and strength as these specialists will focus on making your body strong so as to maintain balance.

Balance exercises enable us to carry out our daily activities with ease and without the inconvenience of losing balance. Standing up from a chair or even getting out of a tub with ease takes regular exercises. Balance is also important as it helps us to move quickly or while running, most of the time we find ourselves in the face of danger and the best way to avoid it is to move at a fast pace and without balance this is not possible.

Strength training is essential in keeping muscles and bones strong. Strength program has proven to help increase bone density. This can help minimize cases of deformity in the joints and also fractures especially in the hips and spine. Cases of muscle imbalances and shortage of tone can be solved with strength and balance training exercises. Balance and strength training will also help reduce the need for walking with a walker.

Exercises, strength training, balance exercises and stretching programs combined will add not only valuable physical improvement in day to day basis but also provide essential mental health. Increased oxygen flow to the brain and organs increase efficiency and helps reduce the loss of memory and improves mental sharpness.

Flexibility can facilitate the development of self-awareness, which enables us to become more aware, it increases awareness. It also enhances both physical and mental relaxation; people who are relaxed and at ease will heal much quicker if injured than one who lacks exercise making them rigid.

Beginning an exercise program may appear to be daunting at first sight, but hiring a professional fitness trainer who is specialized in balance and fitness training is the first step to gaining more balance and healthy body. Always check with your specialist and get a medical clearance before your start the exercise program.

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Meditation is a state of deep peace that usually occurs when the mind is calm but completely alert. This means that while meditating one is usually aware of what’s happening around him or her but the mind is usually at total peace. During meditation thoughts about the uncertain future and troubled past are blocked and one only thinks about the happy current moments. This is why meditation is even recommended by medical doctors since it relaxes the mind. However, to properly answer the question of, ‘what is meditation?’ it is important to know the primary benefits one gets from meditating.

One of the primary benefits of meditating is that it reduces stress significantly. This is because while one is meditating one forgets about the unhappy thought which might be causing stress. The people meditating usually find the elusive inner peace which relaxes the mind. The inner peace makes the people meditating feel cool and comfortable without thinking about the thoughts causing stress. Because of this effect of meditation, it is commonly used to treat stress and it is also used even in religious groups to get the inner peace.

Another main benefit of meditation is that it makes people more focused and therefore more productive. This is mainly because it effectively relaxes the brain therefore causing the brain to refresh. There are times when the brain feels exhausted from studying for a long period or doing things that require thinking. If one meditates after the brain feels exhausted the mental tiredness is eliminated therefore allowing the brain to work more efficiently. This is why meditation is recommended in workplaces where workers are encouraged to take few minutes to meditate after working for sometimes. Students who are studying are also encouraged to meditate from time to time so as to relax their brains.

Meditation also makes general life happier which in turn enables people to have better relationships with other people. This is one of the main benefits that can answer the question of, ‘what is meditation?’ since it explains the fundamental use of meditation. After meditating one feels happier since the sad and uncertain thoughts are forgotten. While happy one is able to even forgive people who had done something wrong which in turn makes people live in friendlier surroundings. This makes life easier happier one is surrounded by happy people.

Besides knowing the benefits of meditation it is also important to know how to meditate effectively so as to properly answer the question of, “What is meditation?” To effectively meditate one should look for a quite place where there are no disruptions. This is very simple because meditation does not require any effort. In most work places and study room there is usually calmness and quietness. Therefore, in such places one can take just a few minutes to meditate even without the next person knowing what is happening. If one is in a noisy place one can find a quit place where there are no probable disruptions. One can even meditate while walking provided there are no disruptions. It is also important to be comfortable while meditating since discomforts can also cause disruptions. A person in pain or a person with discomfort in the stomach might not be able to meditate properly because of the disruptions caused by these conditions. Therefore, by understanding the benefits of meditation and how to meditate effectively one can easily answer the question of, “What is meditation?”

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Benefits of Stress Relief


Stress, being a natural response activated in the brain, has adverse effects on your overall health. With the fast pace of contemporary living, it feels gradually hard to keep up. Removing stress from your life enhances your immunity; promotes longevity and enables you to be more productive. Additionally, when stress takes a toll on you, you run the risk of developing various illnesses ranging from common cold to severe heart diseases. Below are some of the Benefits of removing stress from your life;

1. Happiness

Stress robs you of joy. It contributes to several mental and emotional disorders which directly or indirectly affects your happiness. Are you affected by, phobia, panic attack, and anxiety? You should immediately remove stress from your life. Emotional stress makes it hard to focus, think things through and even remember things. When stressed up you become easily frustrated and irritable both of which have a significant bearing on your happiness

2. Enhanced sleep

People who are constantly stressed up have intolerably interrupted sleep patterns. A stressed up mind has too many things to ponder about all the time. Sleep is a crucial human function as it allows your body to rest and your brain to recharge. When you do not sleep adequately your body does not take full advantage of it; memory consolidation and muscle repair are negative affected. Lack of a sound sleep has also been found to contribute to health problems such as high blood pressure and depressions.

3. Increased memory

Studies have proved time and again that persons who are relaxed and free from stress perform far much better in examinations compared to those who are always stressed up. Scores on tests are lower in students who experience stress. Stress impedes mental functioning. Stressed-up individuals have difficulties with everyday thinking and remembering things. So, if you are stressed up and hence have problems with your mental activity or memory, take steps to reduce stress and everything will be fall in place.

4. Cancer protection

Stress deals a blow to your immune system and contributes to a wide range of ailments from common colds to cancer. Research from various studies has shown that when stress knocks down our immune system, what results is an accrued growth of cancerous cells. So, the sooner you reduce stress, the sooner your immune system resumes its work of protecting you from cancer.

5. Improved overall health

Stress causes tensing of muscles, which in turn triggers migraines, tension headaches, and other musculoskeletal diseases. It also interferes with your digestive system since it affects the nutrients your digestive system can absorb impacts how fast food moves down your digestive system and can even provoke you to overeat. The disruption of the natural digestive process brings about vomiting, heartburn, nausea constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea, and pain.


Stress takes away your happiness, health, and mental activity, among much more. Do not allow it to ruin your life; take steps to deal with your stress now and lead a healthier, happier productive life. The above benefits of removing stress from your life provide a clear indication that stress has a devastating effect on your life.

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