Meditation is a state of deep peace that usually occurs when the mind is calm but completely alert. This means that while meditating one is usually aware of what’s happening around him or her but the mind is usually at total peace. During meditation thoughts about the uncertain future and troubled past are blocked and one only thinks about the happy current moments. This is why meditation is even recommended by medical doctors since it relaxes the mind. However, to properly answer the question of, ‘what is meditation?’ it is important to know the primary benefits one gets from meditating.

One of the primary benefits of meditating is that it reduces stress significantly. This is because while one is meditating one forgets about the unhappy thought which might be causing stress. The people meditating usually find the elusive inner peace which relaxes the mind. The inner peace makes the people meditating feel cool and comfortable without thinking about the thoughts causing stress. Because of this effect of meditation, it is commonly used to treat stress and it is also used even in religious groups to get the inner peace.

Another main benefit of meditation is that it makes people more focused and therefore more productive. This is mainly because it effectively relaxes the brain therefore causing the brain to refresh. There are times when the brain feels exhausted from studying for a long period or doing things that require thinking. If one meditates after the brain feels exhausted the mental tiredness is eliminated therefore allowing the brain to work more efficiently. This is why meditation is recommended in workplaces where workers are encouraged to take few minutes to meditate after working for sometimes. Students who are studying are also encouraged to meditate from time to time so as to relax their brains.

Meditation also makes general life happier which in turn enables people to have better relationships with other people. This is one of the main benefits that can answer the question of, ‘what is meditation?’ since it explains the fundamental use of meditation. After meditating one feels happier since the sad and uncertain thoughts are forgotten. While happy one is able to even forgive people who had done something wrong which in turn makes people live in friendlier surroundings. This makes life easier happier one is surrounded by happy people.

Besides knowing the benefits of meditation it is also important to know how to meditate effectively so as to properly answer the question of, “What is meditation?” To effectively meditate one should look for a quite place where there are no disruptions. This is very simple because meditation does not require any effort. In most work places and study room there is usually calmness and quietness. Therefore, in such places one can take just a few minutes to meditate even without the next person knowing what is happening. If one is in a noisy place one can find a quit place where there are no probable disruptions. One can even meditate while walking provided there are no disruptions. It is also important to be comfortable while meditating since discomforts can also cause disruptions. A person in pain or a person with discomfort in the stomach might not be able to meditate properly because of the disruptions caused by these conditions. Therefore, by understanding the benefits of meditation and how to meditate effectively one can easily answer the question of, “What is meditation?”

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