Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art which literally means “ultimate supreme boxing”. This form of self-defense involves the use of fluid body movements to enhance balance and flexibility of the body. Tai Chi is generally practiced as a non-competitive art for its numerous health benefits.
What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a form of martial arts which focuses more on self-improvement of the body rather than combating the opponents. There are 5 types of Tai chi practiced in different parts of the world. The oldest form is the Chen-style which originated in 1580. The other forms include the Yang-style, Wu(Hao)-style, Wu-style, and sun-style. All these styles focus on different aspects of learning. Some of these forms focus on the health aspect while the others focus on competitive learning. It can be called as the amalgamation of yoga and meditation with martial arts.The main focus of this form remains on keeping the mind calm and tranquil. The graceful and soft motions of this form are derived from movements of birds and animals of nature.

History of Tai Chi:This form of martial arts evolved in the 12th century and the concept finds its roots in Chinese, Taoism, and Confucianism cultures. The founder of this martial art is believed to be Zhang Sanfeng, who was a Taoist Monk of the 12th century. He was of the belief that agility and fluidity of the body is the key to combat opponents. It is believed that he created this concept based on these two factors and this is the reason why Tai Chi is known all over the world for its softness and agile moves. Nowadays it is more common to see people practicing this art for their own health rather than any other motive.

Health benefits of Tai chi:There are many mental and physical benefits of this form of martial arts. Tai Chi produces a resonance in the body which unites the body with the mind. This sense of oneness brings many changes to the body which improve the health of the person. The many health benefits of Tai Chi include:
* It enhances the sense of flexibility,balance, and falls.* Tai Chi is believed to relieve stress and anxiety of the body.* It improves the immune system of the body.* It is scientifically proven that Tai Chi helps in improving the cognitive functions of the body which helps to improve the condition of patients with Dementia and other motor diseases.* Regular practice reduces inflammation in the body tissues.* Controls blood pressure and regulates heart rate.* Enhances energy levels
There are several other health benefits of Tai Chi which is being touted as the new sensation in the field of exercise. Many people are now practicing this art for self-defense and its numerous other benefits add to the advantage of practicing this fluid art. So now that you know all about this beautiful poetic form of martial arts, it is time to go and enroll in a Tai Chi class to make your body more agile and flexible while controlling stress at the same time.


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