Why should you find literal balance?

The Fear of losing balance or falling due to lack of balance can be terrifying to anyone. It is estimated that approximately a third of the population especially that of age 65 and over are admitted to the hospital due to falls. As age increases, so do the cases of losing balance. Approximately 50% of elders who have undergone a hip surgery from falling, are likely to experience another slip within six months. It is imperative for everyone to keep fit and maintain their balance as this will help even as the age progresses.In this article, we look at how and why is it important to balance/center yourself.

One of the major reasons people fall is due to lack of strength and balance. Our bodies are meant to be balanced even as we move, and some of the people lack exercise routines, which results in loss of strength and balance. Learning and adhering to an exercise program designed particularly for strength and balance, like yoga, for our body muscles is essential in maintaining our fitness and avoiding losing balance and falling.

For most elders, balancing and strengthening exercises can be challenging. It is good to begin an exercise program with the help of a trained Fitness Specialist. This can be a major source of balancing and strength as these specialists will focus on making your body strong so as to maintain balance.

Balance exercises enable us to carry out our daily activities with ease and without the inconvenience of losing balance. Standing up from a chair or even getting out of a tub with ease takes regular exercises. Balance is also important as it helps us to move quickly or while running, most of the time we find ourselves in the face of danger and the best way to avoid it is to move at a fast pace and without balance this is not possible.

Strength training is essential in keeping muscles and bones strong. Strength program has proven to help increase bone density. This can help minimize cases of deformity in the joints and also fractures especially in the hips and spine. Cases of muscle imbalances and shortage of tone can be solved with strength and balance training exercises. Balance and strength training will also help reduce the need for walking with a walker.

Exercises, strength training, balance exercises and stretching programs combined will add not only valuable physical improvement in day to day basis but also provide essential mental health. Increased oxygen flow to the brain and organs increase efficiency and helps reduce the loss of memory and improves mental sharpness.

Flexibility can facilitate the development of self-awareness, which enables us to become more aware, it increases awareness. It also enhances both physical and mental relaxation; people who are relaxed and at ease will heal much quicker if injured than one who lacks exercise making them rigid.

Beginning an exercise program may appear to be daunting at first sight, but hiring a professional fitness trainer who is specialized in balance and fitness training is the first step to gaining more balance and healthy body. Always check with your specialist and get a medical clearance before your start the exercise program.

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